Tuesday, 1 July 2014

#96Footballs Photography Project at Bombed Out Church

#96Footballs Photography Project
Tuesday 1st July 2014

We are happy to announce that #96Footballs Photography Project will be participating in this year’s Liverpool Independents Biennial 2014, launching at The Bombed Out Church (the Church of St Luke) on Saturday 5th July 2014 at 3:30pm to 4:30pm with very special guests that will unveil our next photographic print entitled: ‘The Kids of Anfield Sports & Community Centre’.

The project has been initiated by David Thomas Crawley who has spoken with the family groups since January 2013. The project began life as #HASP (Hillsborough Art and Sports Project) but which has evolved into #96Footballs inspired by photography that David has taken during this time. David has spoken with many people in the City of Liverpool, Sheffield and Nottingham having studied and lived in all three cities. It is his intension now to open the project to the wider public, beginning in Liverpool and on an international scale that the Liverpool Independents Biennial can provide to the project.

The Bombed Out Church will act as a hub during the Biennial that runs from July – October 2014 and we will be releasing further up to date information via our blog and social media outlets during the Biennial. Ambrose Reynolds, Curator at The Bombed Out Church has spoken to David about this idea at great length as both are passionate about the community of Liverpool and feel that this is the right venue for the visitors to come and view the photographic print and leave their own thoughts.

Photographers from Liverpool that support the project have been asked to participate by taking their own images that will be included within the project as this progresses.

A series of workshops will happen during the summer months in The Bombed Out Church, Anfield Sports and CommunityCentre and involving various other community groups, schools, colleges etc in the build up to the end of the Liverpool Independents Biennial 2014.

Our social media element to the project will be launched at this time and further information will be released on the day. So no matter where you are in the globe you too will have the opportunity to do something very special. 

#96Footballs Photography Project Launch 5th July 2014 - @BombedOutChurch
@96Footballs @IndependentsLPL

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Marie Rooney of ASCC stated:

‘The project around the #96Footballs gave local young people from our centre an opportunity to be involved in something tangible, historic and meaningful to this city - uniting both "blues and reds" through art and sport.’

The launch coincides with the International Festival for Business, a programme of more than 300 events which is running in Liverpool until 23rd July. David has been using the IFB Hub at 1 Mann Island as a base to research the project.